Your Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2017 – Tips to Becoming The Best Social Marketer

Social media is the biggest tool in digital marketing. Social media allows real-time interaction, and people don’t have to meet face-to-face for meetings or visit stores to buy what they need at home or in the office.

As a marketer, you have to reach these people who aren’t willing to walk to the store off meetings. Social media makes it possible. When done right, social media can increase your social media success by increasing your social media mentions and traffic to your site. To be the best, and better than the best SEO company Miami, take a keep look at the following tips:

Your Ultimate SEO Checklist for 2017

  1. Delve deeper into what works better

There are many social media sites with more coming up daily. That means that you have accounts on every social media platform. This may feel like the right move at first, but it isn’t as you’ll get exhausted to focus on the things that matter.

Here is what you should do instead, pick about three sites that currently work and then work on developing a deep connection with your target market there. Though you’ll want to appear on the big five sites, you should consider other sites if your target audience isn’t confined in the big five.

  1. You can do better videos

In the last year or so, there have been more and more companies using videos for advertising. Seeing as they are still making the videos, it means that they work. For your success, consider making sophisticated videos that teach about products or services easily. You can also consider live streaming. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have live streaming features, use them.

  1. Widen your audience

To reach a bigger market, you should have a bigger audience. For this, make and manage your followers by dedicating time. You can do this best by engaging with your current followers to attract others.

  1. Develop a relationship with your audience

To develop brand loyalty, you should build a relationship with your audience. The best way of doing this involves acknowledging the people who reach out to you on your site regardless of the issues. You should respond to positive and negative reviews professionally, and you should answer all questions asked. Engage in conversation and offer the help they need without reservations.

  1. Be patient

No, you won’t get social media success overnight. You need to strike a balance between your efforts, and you should also be quick to adjust to the never-ending changes in the digital, SEO and social media marketing. Though social media isn’t tough, competitors are looking to reach just as wide an audience as yours.

  1. Create engaging titles

More than 80 percent of your audience will only read your title, and if engaging, they will click to read the rest of your content. In most cases, only 20 percent will read the content, make it worth their while. Your title should have anything between 6 and 13 words. But, in all you do, don’t mislead your readers – there is clickbait, and there are penalties.

Final Thoughts        

Beware of the best time to post on different platforms. Your posts will have a higher reach if you post at the right time. For Facebook, post once or twice a day between 1-4 pm. On Twitter, you can post up to 5 times and between 1-3pm. You can post on Pinterest between 5-11pm and Saturdays, ten times per day. Lastly, you can post once or twice on Instagram and at any time.

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