What Makes For The Best Phone For The Elderly

Elderly is a term that is used on people that are over 65 years of age. Elderlies are usually the people that need more assistance on anything since they are not as strong as they were, back when they were younger. Especially in today’s technology. They are not the people that easily accepts the tablets and the smartphones. They prefer the analog phones that they got used to, but the problem is that these types of phones that go way back the time of Captain America is already obsolete.

But, communication devices are essential especially phones because it helps people communicate with each other. But even with the existence of dumb phones or granny phones, elderlies are still having a challenge in using them and that is because of how these things are preset up. It’s not elderly friendly so to speak. There’s actually a way to solve that because there’s now actually a true elderly phone that elderlies can use with ease and its a touch screen. Pretty cool right? Its called Konnekt smartphone and its the best elderly phone that is out there today.

Auto answer: The thing about most elderly phones is that elderlies still need to click, push or tap the button in order to confirm any action, like answering a call for example. How about just simply have a phone that they don’t have to go on panic mode or find the misplaced phone because the ringtone is so loud. Just buy a good elderly phone that has an auto answer function that can be fixed on any surface.so that wherever your grandparents are, they will be able to respond to you.

Huge buttons: If you’re looking for a good phone for the elderly, it should have big buttons. This is to ensure that they will have no problem visualizing the numbers and some elderlies will be able to see the numbers even from afar. This makes the phone way easier to use.

Extra loud: If you’re looking for a phone for the elderly you need to find one that is extra loud and set that by default. But not just extra loud, but clear as well. This is the true test of a phone’s audio hardware, “loud and clear”.

no skills required: If you’re choosing an elderly phone, you should realize that they are not the techiest person. Aside from that, most don’t really want to be techy so if you’re going to buy a phone that they can work with, the design and the interface should be designed with “ease of use” in mind. Not all phone manufacturers that claim that they have an elderly phone in their line of devices can pull it off successfully.

Elderly phones have a few criteria in order to be successful, simple and easy to use interface, extra loud and clear speakers, huge buttons and has an auto answer by default. These things will help greatly with the elderly to have the best technology around when they need it and very easy for their family members to connect to them directly. If you’re looking for a simple video phone for elderly that hits the mark on all the things mentioned above, visit the link.

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