What Are Garage Doors Really Made Of?

Apart from affecting the appeal of your home, a garage door gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your car, among other stuff in your garage, is safely locked in. With that in mind, as you shop for a garage door, you need to consider various factors. Among the significant questions to weigh, however, is what material are roller doors made of? Below is a quick look at the most popular garage door material to ease your search.


Steel is a popular garage door material and for good reasons. Steel garage doors are inexpensive, durable, low-maintenance, can be painted to match your property’s exterior, and you can get just about any style that exudes your exquisite taste.

A steel garage door can be insulated to control temperature, and to caution against wind and sound. What’s more, steel can be painted to mimic wood, such as using a stamped-on grain coat.


Although aluminum is lighter than steel, aluminum garage doors are sturdy, durable, low maintenance and can resist dents. You can get a collection of sleek designs and colors since aluminum can be painted to match your preferences, including mimicking wood.

Aluminum garage doors also offer much better insulation, making it among the most sought-after material. Note, however, that aluminum garage doors are a little more expensive than steel doors.


Wood garage doors are versatile and flexible. If you want to upgrade your garage, wood doors can be refinished to complement your new style. If properly maintained, wood garage doors can serve you for a lifetime. The doors are dent-proof, can be painted to match the rest of your property, acts as a sound barrier, and are available in varying designs.Plus, they will match your wooden queen bed frame ensembles and rustic furniture.

Regardless of your budget, you can get a wood garage door since they can be customized to your liking and using your preferred wood. Note, however, that your wood garage door requires proper maintenance to serve you for an extended period.

Composite wood

Composite wood garage doors are made from wood resins and fibers. The wood-grained designs, unlike wood garage doors, require little maintenance. They are stable, and with the insulation between the composite layers, provide an excellent garage door. Composite wood garage doors can be stained or painted to exude a wood feel that can hardly be distinguished from wood garage doors.


Apart from being inexpensive, fiberglass garage doors are lightweight, maintenance-free, resists cracking or damage by moisture, salt corrosion, and insects. The durable and dent free garage doors do not rust and can mimic wood’s looks, allowing you to blend it with your exteriors seamlessly. Modern fiberglass doors are stylish and highly customizable, and you can opt for several layers to get the insulation level you need for your garage.


Vinyl garage doors are sturdy and maintenance free. Vinyl garage doors don’t show scratches, are rot resistant, and won’t be subject to destruction by insects. Following your needs and budget, you can go for a vinyl garage door with or without insulation.

Garage doors are a significant part of your property. As you shop for an ideal garage door, materials are among the most-essential consideration.

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