Various Ways You Win in An Escape Room

Escape room is one of the popular games that many corporates find it interesting and beneficial for their employees. Though this game, is a lot beneficial for employees, many participants find it really difficult to succeed in escaping the room.  If you are one of them, then this article is for you. Here you will learn about all those strategies and tips that will help you win an escape game easily.

Choose to play with those whom you get along well

Enjoyment is one of the important aspects of playing an escape room game. Play with the ones with whom you feel comfortable and enjoy spending time with. This will increase the chances of getting success in the game.

Make the team that has similar thinking and has their unique specialties from analytical to creative. This will put you in a better condition to solve wider range of puzzles. provides the best places to organize escape room games for their worldwide clients.

Win in An Escape Room

Wear comfortable and non-restrictive clothing

Keep your stylish and fancy clothes for glamorous events. When you attend an escape room game, it is highly advised to wear clothes in which you find yourself very much comfortable. Loose-Fitting comfortable clothes will make it easier for you to climb places, pass through secret passages, and reach narrow places and corners to look for clues.

Eat well and stay hydrated to show the best performance

There is log of legwork and mental analysis that you need to do when playing an escape room game. This involves burning of a lot of calories too. So, if you haven’t fed yourself properly, then chances are that you may feel fatigue. It can even impact your cognitive performance as well as problem solving abilities.

This will act as a hindrance to complete all your tasks and successfully escape from the room. So, in order to prevent such outcome, it is advised to eat and drink well that can easily sustain you for the duration of this game.

Some of the best things that you can eat before attending this sixty-minute activity are a cereal bar, coffee or your preferred energy drink to keep your energetic and recharged throughout the game. It is advised not to eat too much as you will feel sleepy. Also, you should not consume any alcohol as it will impair your sensing, concentrating and thinking abilities.

Start by performing a thorough search of the room

As soon as you enter the room and your time starts, you need to begin by thoroughly scanning the room. Some of the places that you need to examine are areas behind the door, patterns on the walls, cupboards, floor and ceiling, shelves, etc. This can give you some clues and hints that may be one of your tasks.


Keeping these foundational skills in mind and performing a lot of practice will help you escape the room efficiently and in a given timeframe. Implementing all these suggestions will definitely help you successfully escape the room in no time.

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