Top Halal Foods Best Served Via Delivery

There are thousands of different dishes in the world; each specific cuisine represents a certain country or culture. However, not everyone is able to eat everything. Some people have health restrictions, some have specifications in their diet, while some limitations are with regards to one’s culture and religion, such as Muslims. Foods or dishes that can be safely eaten by Muslims are called Halal foods. These foods undergo a specific process and are Halal certified. The good thing is you can actually find Halal food in a lot of restaurants, even if they specialize in a specific cuisine. For example, there are a lot of Halal Chinese food restaurants in Singapore.

Here are some of the most popular Halal foods, although each restaurant may present each dish differently.


Halal Burger

Everyone loves burger, therefore this one goes on top of the list. Halal burgers can be found almost anywhere in the world, with top restaurants offering this delightful dish in their menu. The main composition of the burger patty remains the same, the only difference is that the meat is carefully sourced, processed and Halal certified. Not only that, all things including machines and utensils that comes in contact with the meat are ensured to be “clean” or not contaminated with non-Halal foods.

For a burger patty to be considered Halal, it should not contain any pork-product, even blood. Therefore, other derivatives that are used that still makes a burger taste authentic are chicken and beef. The meat that comes from these animals are still processed thoroughly to be considered Halal. The burger can still contain the typical mixture, which is mustard, ketchup, pickles and cheese.

Halal Pizza

Pizza and burger can be interchanged for the top two slots, so this should definitely be included in the list. Pizza is definitely a complex food. It can be quite a struggle finding a Halal certified pizza, but this does not stop this dish from being popular. Pork and other non-Halal products are not the only ingredients that can make a pizza great.

The pizza dough is carefully processed, making sure that only vegetable fat or oil is used because lab processed vegetable fats are not considered Halal. Toppings or ingredients on the pizza are also chosen carefully. Although not all traditional toppings can be used, Halal certified ingredients are used as toppings, including cheese and beef pepperoni.

Roast Chicken

For most people, chicken is considered another favorite that deserves a spot on the top 5 famous halal foods. One of the best and most popular preparations and dishes for chicken is roasted, but before this, chickens are slaughtered and processed for Halal certification. Moving on, the chicken is painted with Halal certified herbs and spices and placed in an oven or a rotisserie.  Prior to cooking, roasted chicken tastes best when marinated for a given time. A special sauce is also done to match the deliciously cooked chicken.

Halal Noodles

Asia, being the largest continent with Muslim population, is also popular for the unique and tasteful seafood noodles that they serve. Different ways of preparation and dishes for seafood noodles can be chosen from. One of the most famous soup and noodle dish is the hand pulled noodles or the “lamian” which is well known for its smooth texture and chewy consistency. It is best topped with beef, chicken or mutton which can either be stir fried or boiled carefully into a broth. Vegetables and special sauce or fresh herbs are also used to make the taste of the noodles truly satisfying.

Halal Dessert

A list of famous foods, be it Halal and non-Halal alike, will not be complete without mentioning desserts. It can be a common misconception that desserts such as cakes, muffins or cookies are all Halal. The truth is, there are certain ingredients that cannot be used in baking as these may contain haram or prohibited Muslim foods.

A famous, easy to do but ultimately delicious Halal pie is the apple crumble. The ingredients are relatively simple but when it comes together, it definitely is the go-to dessert whenever you are craving for something sweet but is still Halal recognized.

To ensure that foods are Halal certified, raw ingredients are not the only ones that are carefully processed. Materials such as machineries or cutleries are also cleansed, making sure that these things are not contaminated with non-Halal ingredients. Halal Chinese food restaurants certainly make sure to abide by all the procedures for their food to be Halal.

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