Top 3 Venues That Fit In Well In The Kids Party Packages

Your kid`s birthday is about to hit the calendar and you are pondering and scratching heads over which venue to decide. Here we bring you the top three venues that fit ideal in the category of kids party packages, and they are best for your pocket.

Kids Party Packages

  1. Wave house sentosa- it is the only place in Singapore where children would be allowed to go on wave rides on the famous Double Flowrider including a feast on yummy buffet of kid favorite when they are on break.

The customers get to select from the varied packages given including the non-surfer package.  Each of the package has exclusive features for the guests including the party space only of three hours, instructor on boards, birthday party singers and a gift for the child.  You can also opt of getting your own cake for the party or get one from the package.

Cost- the cost charged in the package is the best, one can get. Including the additional cost per child is $23(food charges), $35 per hour for flow ride this is amidst the best kids party packages ever.

  1. Forest adventure for nature lovers- it is the only adventure course that has been specifically designed for children who have a fondness for nature. It offers a unique outdoor experience for children and adventurers.   The package starts at $865 per 20 children which includes birthday party invites and envelopes.  It`s a 90 minutes kids driven unique experience for them that includes guidance from two instructors, and a certificate of each child.  The birthday child on the other hand, gets special Forest Adventured T-shirt, a massive 1 kg birthday cake along with pastries, fruits and many other sweet dishes.

Parents can also bring their own foods for their children if they want to. The reason being many at times, parents are conscious of their child`s health and so they are allowed to bring their own food. Also, the cost of each additional child is $40.  The location of forest adventure is 825 Bedok Reservoir and you can call at 8100 7420 to get further information.

  1. Kiddy fun- kiddy fun is another unique kid`s party package that has the best in store for children below the age of six. It`s a bright colored indoor soft playground for small children.

 Coming to the cost, it has three different priced packaged for children. Starting at $499 to $799 for 15 children and $250 for six kids, parents can decide amidst the three prices. Every package includes 2 hour exclusive use of the party lounge and decoration of party lounge. Matching themed table wears, balloons, unlimited games are included in all the packages.  Package also includes a special and unique birthday gift for child and a lavish birthday cake.

The cost of each additional child is price at $28 which also depends upon the package choice. For the kids party packages well within the dwell of budget, there cannot be replacement for this one.

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