Tips to Increase Solid Muscle Mass

Importance of Protein

When you are looking forward to increase the lean muscle mass in your body, you must consider what experts are recommending. Some experts recommend consuming 2 g of protein for one kilogram of body weight, whereas some recommend consuming 1 g of bodyweight per pound of bodyweight. Each recommendation will help your body grow faster. Good quality protein will strengthen protein synthesis and your body will have enough protein to build muscles. You can take boiled chicken, egg white, curd, cheese and protein shakes.

Tips to Increase Solid Muscle MassCarbohydrate Intake

We all know about as how much protein you are in need of to increase your muscle mass, but few of us are aware of the fact that how much carbohydrates we require. Experts recommend consuming 6 g of carbohydrates for every kilogram of your body. Good quality carbohydrates will ensure the constant supply of energy to your body. If you consume it in different parts, then your body will not suffer from low energy. On the other hand, carbohydrates will be used in muscle recovery. You can consume oats, buckwheat and other complex carbohydrates.

The Importance of Necessary Fats

Fat is harmful, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to consume any kind of fat. Experts advise to take up to 30% of your calories by good quality fats. Good quality fats are full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial not only for your body, but also for your mind. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in salmon, which increases the glycogen formation and is beneficial in protein synthesis. You can also opt for nuts and other sources of good quality fat.

Eat Six Times a Day

I advise my clients to consume six meals in a day. In the beginning they are surprised and say if we will eat six times, then how we will lose fat. Here is a point to understand when I say to eat six times aday, this doesn’t mean that you have to increase the calories, you just need to consume the same amount of calories and the same recommended food items, but you have to consume them in 6 parts. For every two hours if you are eating something, it will increase the metabolic rate and you will start losing body fat. Moreover, your body will also get a regular supply of calories and it will not go through the feeling of lack of energy even at peak hours of your work. In order to maintain lean musclemass, consume at regular intervals.

Heavy Weights Combinations

In order to increase your muscle mass you have to do certain exercises with heavy weights, which you can handle. Make sure you need to lift heavy weights, but ensure that you are performing every repetition properly with that amount weight. These complex exercises are squats, bench press and dead lifts. These exercises will also increase the core strength of your body and are beneficial in muscle gain.

Training Time

You have to do intense training, but for a defined period of time only. You cannot do exercises 3 hours in a day because this will take you on a catabolic state, which will affect your body in a negative manner. In order to maintain lean muscle, follow the above tips.

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