The Unfamiliar Benefits Of Desoxymethyltestosterone

Also known as desoxymethyltestosterone, Madol steroid is an excessively potent artificial oral anabolic steroid. This compound was conceived by Max Huffman in the year 1961 but it was never sold in the market in the form of a commercial compound. It got rediscovered by an unprofessional chemist and bodybuilder named Patrick Arnold in the year 2005. Arnold was approached for supplying Madol to BALCO and in the year 2010, this compound turned into a controlled drug and now it is classed as one Schedule III drug in the US. This medication is also recognized as a cousin and derivative of methyltestosterone and it has suffered three major modifications.

Amongst the three modifications, one is the inclusion of one methyl group at 17-alpha carbon and this is done for a safe liver passage. The other two chemical conversions include the presence of one double bond and lastly the elimination of the 3-keto group. These three modifications are hugely responsible for its improved anabolic potency as well as relative bioactivity. This medication is found under a brand name Pheraplex and it has got 60% more anabolic properties compared to testosterone. This medication contains an anabolic ranking of 1200 and an androgenic ranking of 187. However, this compound doesn’t get aromatized into estrogen.

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Positive reviews and dosages

This medication is identified as a modified version of testosterone and because of its variations; it can be viewed as one designer compound. However, it is vital to note that this medication, when produced by underground laboratories, doesn’t always turn out to be superior-quality compound. This medication has gone through a modification process so that it can pass via the users’ liver at the time of filtration although it doesn’t disapprove the chances of a liver disruption or strain. Actually, every oral anabolic steroid causes liver toxicity when taken at higher dosages.

For lessening the chances of liver toxicity, bodybuilders do include some kinds of over-the-counter supplements or liver protectant, such as milk thistle. They include these compounds into their cycles to protect their liver. As this medication doesn’t aromatize, the side effects are lesser with this compound. However, compounds that do aromatize result in bloating, water retention, and gynecomastia. This medication is commonly available in 5 or 10 mg tablets. As this medication was never meant for medical treatments, so a safe dosage is really tough to determine. A bodybuilder takes this medication in a dosage of 50mg daily when taken alone and when they stack it with other compounds the ideal dosage is 20mg per day.

Buying this compound

Found under a brand name Pheraplex, this medication for sale is manufactured by numerous underground labs. Before you decide to buy this drug, get aware of the constituents, manufacturing standards, and quality as they greatly differ dependent on the producers. Users who wish to experience this medication are advised to begin with the lowermost dosage, which is 5mg daily. As this medication is found in an oral form, it has got a remarkable brief half-life of 8-9 hours only. Users are recommended to split their dosages into two halves to be taken in the morning as well as in the evening.

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