The New 4X4 Sprinter – The New Craze in the Commercial Vehicle Industry

For almost more than half a century, the Sportsmobile has been building the rugged campers on a variety of base platforms and recently they’ve been working in transforming their look keeping the Ford E-series as their base. Now, since Mercedes-Benz has already launched their new Sprinter 4X4 in the US market, the Sportsmobile has now come up with new and enhanced efficiency in the line of all terrain Sprinter diesel camper. Sportsmobile has been in the market of building the Sprinter campers since 2003, but in spite of that, they’ve always been restricted to the 2WD. In the year 2006, when the Sprinter was being sold off to the Dodge brand in US, the Sportsmobile started developing the 4X4 conversion of the Sprinter with the spare parts of Oberaigner, the brand known for building the 4WD hardware for Mercedes.

Sprinter van repair

It was really late for Mercedes-Benz but finally they’ve been successful in launching the Sprinter 4X4 over the Atlantic in 2015. All the car enthusiasts who have been waiting for a commercial cargo van with a four wheel drive really got enthusiastic with Mercedes-Benz’s latest launch. All those who have been working with Mercedes to bring out these customized version of the cramper, are really excited to know that the features of the 4X4 Sprinter van service is going to meet the needs of many of their customers. Not only Mercedes have added prestige to the van by bringing them under their brand, they’ve even made sufficient improvement in the fuel economy section for a 4WD class B motor home. The base Mercedes Benz 4X4 Sprinter that has got 3.0 liter V6 turbocharged engined can give forth 188 horsepower and can fairly run on road with a mileage of 20 miles per gallon, and for the converted Cramper, the figure is anything in between 14 to 18 miles per gallon. Apart from this fact, they even claim the model to be the lightest in the entire line.

There are variety of floor plans that are being offered in this particular model and even the price of the Cramper is quite affordable for their customers who want to make their first go with a cheaper effort. The van can comfortably provide place four adults to sleep in with available Penthouse top and folding bed within the cabin. The equipment which are being provided within are kitchen with sink, stove and refrigerator run on Propane, heating and air conditioning system within the cabin, shower, cassette toilet, solar panels, TV and entertainment.

Based on the popular equipment available the base model has been found to be most effective for all their commercial users. With a high range of equipment, available within, the Sprinter van repair has also become a bit complicated. However, Mercedes have made sure to organize training programs that could train the mechanics to know of the improvements made within and get used to the repair works of this complicated system. It is undoubtedly a popular product among the line of crossover vans and is presumably the dark horse for the commercial vendors.

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