The Legal Status of Dianabol in Australia

Dianabol is one of the most widely used and well-accepted anabolic steroids that athletes and bodybuilders prefer to use. The scientific name of this steroid is Methandrostenolone and it was introduced by Dr. Ziegler for the usage of Olympic athletes. It was the first ever active anabolic steroid in the market that was sold against a prescription. This indicates that if you go to purchase this drug from a normal store without any prescription, it would be considered illegal and not sold to you. Such an illegal act is also punishable under law. The other options from where you can acquire Dianabol are underground markets, fitness centers, gym or even online from the reliable websites.

Legal Status of Dianabol in Australia

Sale of Dianabol in Australia

As we all are aware, the steroid Dianabol is a prescription only substance in Australia. There even the manufacturing has been banned for medical purposes. Sporting authorities and government bodies of nations too like the UK, Canada and the USA have passed orders to clear off Methandrostenolone from the market. So, you won’t be able to buy this drug from the local chemist shops even if you produce a prescription. Australia has particularly enforced strict laws against the use of any kind of performance-enhancing drugs. The Anti-Doping Authority in Australia monitors the usage of such illegal drugs.

How it works

The mechanism of action of the drug is quite simple. It boosts the body’s capability to synthesize protein which helps the body to recover fast after the workouts. Thereby, you can undergo harder workouts frequently and gain faster results. Its water retention capacity is also higher that adds to the muscle mass. This is one basic reason why you need to follow a proper diet and exercise plan while on Dianabol. But like any other steroid, overdose or prolonged use of this drug can cause several side effects in both men and women. Men can suffer from gynecomastia, while in females the side effects include development of male characteristics. Also, as it increases the level of testosterone significantly, it can result in mood swings.

The price factor

In Australia, purchasing steroid online is not an easy task like other countries such as the UK as import laws are strict here and it is a prescription only substance. You can look for these illegal products in the underground labs or black market, but the process involves a lot of risk for both the buyer and the seller. The authenticity of the product is also a question. In these places mostly you have to deal in cash. In Australia, the cost of the steroid varies from city to city. It depends if you are in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne or Newcastle you have to pay a different price in every city. The reason behind is, each state has different rules and regulations. So, in this age of technology, why take the risk of purchasing illegal steroids? The best way would be to simply buy it online from the convenience of your home using a debit or credit card or PayPal account.

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