The Best Ways To Remove Grit And Stones From Your Hot Tub

Let’s face it, one of the most annoying things when you climb in your hot tub or spa is standing on little bits of grit and debris on the bottom. No matter how careful you are there will always be a certain amount that gets brought in on your feet and blown in by the wind. There are however several very efficient spa vacs that make easy work of removing this dirt without much effort on your part. That said, there’s a whole host of hot tub maintenance products available to make every aspect of cleaning your hot tub or spa that little bit easier and here we’ll take a look at just a couple of the most popular spa vacs for removing grit and stones.

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The Paradise Spa Vac

One extremely simple method is to use a Paradise Spa Vac. It will pick up stones, grit, sand and other debris from the bottom of the spa simply by hovering it over the debris, with your thumb over the end of the pole. Once you take your thumb off it will suck up the debris into the vac where it will be stored for easy disposal. The clean water will then run back into your spa. The aluminium pole will extend to over 7 feet; long enough to reach even the largest of home hot tubs and spas.

The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom

Those with a larger tub or spa may want to consider a cleaner with a larger head to cut down on cleaning time. The Pool Blaster Aqua Broom could be suitable for your needs. It’s powered by 5 D cell batteries with around 3 hours of running time and can be either attached to any telescopic pole or used by hand. It comes with a re-usable filter bag and is ideal for spot cleaning of sand, grit or even algae from your spa.

The Shake-A-Vac Spa Vacuum

Another easy option is the Shake-A-Vac Spa Vacuum. Not only can it be used to remove debris but it’s an easy way of emptying your inflatable or portable hot tub too. As the name suggests, simply place in the spa, shake up and down a few times and you’re ready to go; an economical and easy way to rid your spa of debris.

Above all else, it’s important to know that there’s a range of options available, with each being suited to different types of hot tubs. It’s simply a case of finding the best product for your needs and utilising it as part of your regular cleaning routine.

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