Reasons To Go For An Isolated Anavar Cycle

If you wish to take steroidal drugs for building your body, then you need to consider a number of points before making a choice. Keeping a note of its steroidal nature in mind, you should consider the list of side effects that a particular steroid can cause on the body. You need to have a complete idea about your own health as well, so as to understand its effects of on your body.

If you are taking a steroidal drug for the first time, it is generally recommended that you take a mild drug. The mildness of a drug is generally measured by the extent of its effect on the body as well as the list of side effects that it can cause. Anavar is one such steroidal drug that produces the least number of side effects. It is considered as a cutting steroid that not only helps to reduce excess fat from the body but also helps in increasing the lean muscle mass. It is the most recommended cutting steroid by both men and women who are interested in bodybuilding. An isolated Anavar cycle for 4 weeks will generate the desired effects on the body without side effects.

Isolated Anavar Cycle

Reason behind the popularity of Anavar

Oxandrolone comes under the brand name of Anavar in the market. It has gained immense popularity amongst different athletes and bodybuilders for a number of reasons. Firstly, the drug has been found to be least toxic compared to other steroidal drugs. Secondly, the drug is mildly anabolic and does not quite fit into the category of androgenic steroids. It does not have any drastic effect on the Hypothalamic-Testicular-Pituitary-Axis (HPTA). The drug can be taken orally, thus making it useful for those who are not comfortable with the injectable forms of steroids. Unlike other steroidal drugs, Anavar has mild effects on the liver, thus preventing liver toxicity.

Recommended dosages of Anavar

If you consider taking Anavar alone, then it is recommended to take the drug in dosages that are normally taken by users of the same health conditions as yours. Most men take the drug up to 80 mg per day. Since the steroid is mild in nature, people can go up to higher dosages without thinking much about the side effects.

The drug Anavar is also immensely popular amongst the women bodybuilders, giving it the term ‘girl steroid’. However, women take much lesser dosages per day, upto 10 mg.

Results of Anavar only administration

Anavar is one such drug that can be taken alone to produce the significant desired results. It is an effective fat-burning steroid. In a study, patients with near low testosterone levels in the body have shown to obtain a decrease in visceral and abdominal fat upon Anavar administration. Another study reveals a decrease in the trunk, appendicular and total fat of the body upon low doses of Anavar without any exercise. The effects produced by the drug are also observed to persist for long even after the drug administration is discontinued.

These are some of the general ideas and observations related to Anavar dosages on the body. If you wish to observe such effects, undergo an isolated Anavar cycle for 4 weeks and experience the best result.

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