Raspberry Ketone Results & Reviews – Is Dr Oz Right?

Ask anyone in any age group and they will have some or the other childhood memories associated with raspberries. But it is only now that its benefits for many purposes have come to light. Raspberries have this amazing aroma and that is mainly due to the presence of raspberry ketone. Later, researchers proved that this ingredient can also be effective in weight loss.

Dr. Oz reviews of raspberry ketone

Much of the credit in bringing to fore the effectiveness of raspberry ketone in weight loss goes to Dr.Oz who in his television show in 2012 introduced raspberry ketone as being a very much beneficial ingredient to help weight loss.  In fact, it was also referred to as a miraculous ingredient for burning fat. Raspberry as well as raspberry ketone has been around since centuries and they hvave also been used for many purposes but not many could believe that this simple fruit could help in losing weight. There is no proof that it really works. To find out if the reviews by Dr. Oz are true or not it is important to understand how the ketone functions.

Raspberry Ketone Results & Reviews

Results and reviews of raspberry ketone

The reason Dr. Oz referred to raspberry ketone as miraculous fat burner is that it works in a scientific and natural manner. It has positive effect on body’s metabolism rate and that means food is digested well and fat are burned quickly without getting stored in the body. It is when fat is stored in the body that one tends to put on weight. If the person has a good metabolic rate, it will ensure that each of the constituent of food is synthesised well and the resultant components released into blood steam without storing any for future.

Many reviews have pointed out that raspberry ketone is indeed beneficial for weight loss. It is that sometimes results may vary from person to person. Also, it is important to follow the instructions on the label carefully so as to avoid side effects. Again, regarding side effects, there may be mild side effects but those who are taking medications for heart disease, cholesterol, diabetes and so on may not be able to tolerate the supplement. That is why, before taking it, it is best to adhere to your doctor’s advice. Also, the dosage may be different for different people as age, health and any other diseases that the person has may also be take into account.

Dr. Oz is right when he says raspberry ketone is ideal for those who are looking at shedding few extra pounds. At the same time, you should not approach it looking for a miracle though Dr. Oz used the word to describe the supplement. Do your research, read about the reviews and take your doctor’s advice. At the same time, you should know that no weight loss supplement are efficient enough to work alone and a good diet that is low in calories and adequate exercises are essential if you wish weight loss to be true and soon.

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