Pillars of Godrej Group 

The Godrej Group is one of the biggest and popular business groups in India, with its headquarters in Mumbai. It started out with locks in the year 1897, but then diversified to different sectors like real estate, furniture and home appliances. Throughout its long history, there are several key figures, who played a vital role in its growth. Here are the pillars of this hugely successful Group:

1. Ardeshir Godrej: He is the founder of the Godrej Group. The entire success of Godrej is because of his creative mind and willingness to take risks. He studied law in his college years. But he failed to succeed in the legal field and hence decided to move to Mumbai. There, he worked for a chemist. Because of his alert business mind, he always tried to find ways to make money. After taking a loan from his father, he decided to manufacture medical equipment, like scissors and scalpels. He was confident on the quality of his products and wanted to market them with the help of his boss. However, his boss didn’t like the idea. After this failure, he decided to enter into the lock making business, because the burglary rates in Mumbai were increasing. This is how the Godrej Company came into existence. After that, he never looked back, and the Company just went on from one successful venture to the other. He also made Cinthol- the first soap to be made without using any animal fat. Even today, thousands of people still use it.

2. Pirojsha Godrej: Ardeshir may be the main founder. But the responsibility of carrying his venture forward was taken over by his brother Pardeshir. He joined the business at the age of 24, and then along with his brother, started another group called ‘ Godrej Brothers’. He is also responsible for the logo of Godrej. An industrial town near Mumbai called ‘ Pirojshanagar’ is also named after him. In the year 1928, Ardeshir transferred the entire ownership of the Godrej Company to him. One of his sons named Adi is the current CEO of Godrej Properties.

3. Jamshyd Godrej: He is one of the most important members of the prestigious Godrej Family. Right now, he is serving as the Chairman and MD of Godrej and Boyce. His contribution to the business is very significant. He helped the company to diversify in different areas like office equipment and home appliances. Apart from this, he is also very known for his contribution to the environment. He is in support of public transports which doesn’t pollute the environment. Because of his contributions to Godrej and to the environment, he received the Padma Bhusan, one of the most prestigious civilian awards in India.

4. Nadir Godrej: He is the Chairman of Godrej Agrovet. The success of all the chemical and agriculture related businesses of Godrej is largely because of his expertise. He is also a keen researcher and has several patents to his name in the agricultural field. He has also contributed a lot in strengthening the relationship between France and India.

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