Natural Weed Killer Recipe

You grow your own vegetables to include them on your dinner recipe? Well, then to make sure that your vegetables are growing properly with all the nutrients, you must prepare a natural weed killer and apply that on your field.

There are many readymade weed killers on the market but all of them are filled with chemicals that may damage the quality of your desired plants. Thankfully, there are easy recipe which you may follow to prepare your own natural weed killer and keep your plants and grounds safe from unwanted weed plants.

Natural Weed Killer Recipe

Weed is a regular visitor to plots garden and so many other places where they are not wanted. Use of strong herbicides to kill weeds can lead to the pollution of underground and surface water. Eradication of weed without destroying the environment is possible.

Some easy and environmentally harmless ways to kill weed are by hand pulling and mulching. Their methods are effective when it is applied in a small garden or plot, but are not so practical in a larger field or area.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can make a cheap natural weed killer recipe.

  1. Boiling dihydrogen monoxide

This homemade herbicide is the simplest to make, all you have to do is to boil a large amount of water and boil it. Take the boiling water to your plot and pour it on the grass you want to kill. This method is particularly effective when in killing grass that springs up in walkways, cracks, and other cramped spaces.

  1. Sodium chloride

Another name for table salt is sodium chloride and they are very effective when it comes to weed eradication. The use of salt in weed control has been dated down to ancient times. Using salt to control weed is easy, all you have to do is sprinkle salt sparingly on areas you don’t want weed to grow.

Sodium chloride

You must be cautious when using salt to control weeds because if you apply too much to a particular area, weed will not come out of that area for a very long time.

Here is the procedure on how to use NaCl effectively.

Step 1.dissolve your salt in hot water and stir until the salt dissolves.

Step 2. Add liquid soap to the solution

Step 3. Pour the solution into a plastic bottle and label it clearly.

Step 4. Apply the solution to weeds you want to kill.

  1. Use vinegar

Another item you can use to kill a weed is white vinegar. White vinegar with 5% acetic acid is strong enough to kill a weed. Although you have the opinion of using another version of it that has up to 20% acetic acid.

Procedure on how to use vinegar to kill weeds

Step1. Pour a gallon of vinegar into a container

Step2. Add a little quantity of liquid soap

Step3. Pour the solution into a container and spray it on undesired plants.

While using this solution you must be careful so as not to spray it on your skin, lungs or eyes because it can be very irritating.

Always use a little quantity of weed killers at a time as too concentrated weed killer does not work well and that can damage the other plants as well. Apply less concentrated weed killer and apply them repeatedly to get the best results.

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