Melissa Bolona’s Newest Film Acts Of Violence Is In Post- Production Stage

Model and actress Melissa Bolona will be appearing in many movies in 2017 and 2018. Most recently, Bolona finished production for Acts of Violence- yet another anticipated film that will feature the actress. Melissa Bolona, who hails from Greenwich CT and had completed a university degree at Pace University in New York and studied abroad in Paris, France, started her career on television with The Saint and Grace of God, but quickly became noticed for a major supporting role in the movie In Stereo.

Acts of Violence received plenty of attention for its star-studded cast which features action movie veterans and former co-stars Bruce Willis and Mike Epps, even before filming began in March of 2017. After nearly eight months of anticipation from fans, the film has reached post production stages and will soon be due to hit the theatres.

Melissa Bolona's Newest Film

Directed by Brett Donowho with screenplay by Nicholas Aaron Mazzanatto, Acts of Violence follows Roman, played by Shawn Ashmore, as he assembles a team of vigilantes to rescue his fiancé, Mia, played by Mellissa Bolona, from human traffickers. While Roman’s makeshift team initially only includes his ex-military brother, the duo quickly come across Detective Avery, played by Bruce Willis, and his partner, Detective Booke Baker, played by Sophia Bush. A longtime lawman, Avery opts to work with Roman to help infiltrate and take down the traffickers and their ring leader, Max Livingston, played by Willis’ former co-star, Mike Epps.

While no official trailer is available at the moment, hints from Melissa Bolona’s website about Mia’s character indicate that the movie will be more dynamic than a simple damsel in distress rescue mission. With the film in post-production, a trailer is eminent. In the meantime, for a complete list of movies featuring Melissa Bolona, you can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB.

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