Make Sure You Are Buying Real Human Virgin Hair Extensions

If you have decided to buy hair extensions, the hardest thing is to find a trusted hair vendor and to identify whether the hair extensions you received are natural human hair or synthetic fibers. Natural human hair is more expensive than synthetic fiber hair, it could bring a lot of benefits as well, like wash and styling, while synthetic hair can not be washed and styled.

There are a lot of sings you can tell to ensure extensions you received are made with human virgin hair. Synthetic fibers are just the one you find on dolls, providing these dolls with hair will make little girls happy around the world.

The first thing about natural hair extensions is the softness of them. Synthetic fibers do not have that touch that lets you feel real. Human virgin hair is the same as your natural hair, so it is very important to make sure the hair you just received is very soft to touch.

Human hair extensions will look shiny compared with synthetic fibers. Placing them with your own hair, it provides you with a beautiful finish.

Synthetic fibers only last one or two months, while human hair extensions are long lasting. You can not deny synthetic hair may be a better option some times, but human virgin hair will be the best choice in most instances.

It is tricky to buy human hair extensions online. Not all hair companies are trusted and provide you with the best human hair. Some companies offer hair products that mix natural hair with synthetic fibers, but sold at the same price of human hair. If you are not sure what you have received, just burn the hair end and see what happens. Human natural hair will burn, but synthetic hair will melt, because they are made of plastic composites.

Virgin hair is the most preferred unprocessed human hair extensions product. The hair is cut from donors and not dyed, permed and treated by any other ways. All cuticles on the hair are facing the same direction.

Brazilian human virgin hair extensions are very popular. The hairs are collected from women in the Brazil, they feel very smooth and shiny, Brazilian hair is one of the most ideal choices because it perfectly blends with your natural hair.

Human Virgin Hair Extensions

By the way, human virgin hair extensions are sold in bundles, it is best ensure that you are buying from a reputable hair company that has a solid high reputation in this area. The best way to know you are buying from a leading hair extensions company is that you must learn as much as you can about the company, do not just rely on reviews on their webiste, find customer experiences on independent webistes and forums, you do this job just to get the right quality hair products that you have paid for.

New Star is a leading virgin hair company based in China. This well-known company offers years of industry experience to provide customers with the highest quality wholesale Brazilian virgin hair. The company only offers the best quality hair products with fast delivery by DHL and FedEx, the payment is also very secure. New Star promises a money back guarantee when customers are not satisfied with the products they receive.

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