Jaipur – The Cultural Tourism Hub Of India

Rajasthan is a historically and culturally rich state and Jaipur leads the pack with the most number of historical places to visit. Visited by folks all over the world with no specific peak timing, this part of India sees tourists all throughout the year. This article acts as a guide to visitors for people looking to spend a vacation in this part of the land.

Undoubtedly one of the most celebrated tourist destination in India, Jaipur packs in a roller coaster ride for its visitors with the taste of modern city life, historical places and an ultra rich culture and tradition. The only unfavourable experience to Jaipur anyone could possibly take back from their trip there is the hot and humid weather which is also secondary compared to what the city offers you. Jaipur plays hosts to several buildings, monuments and palaces which look more heavenly and majestic up close as compared to that in pictures.

Cultural Tourism Hub Of India

A huge chunk of Jaipur’s economy is generated from the tourism sector. Jaipur is a place where tourism is a lifestyle and the sight of tourists are no longer one that of a wonder. Tonnes of tourists flock to this historical gem of a place. What makes Jaipur an even more appealing destination for the tourists are the abundance of world class hotels. Hotels in Jaipur rank amongst the best not only in India but the world over. It gives you to privilege to live like a king for a day or two in the land of the kings. These extravagant hotels are hard to get in though and in most times rooms are booked even a year in advance, so if you are looking to splurge during your stay in these world class state-of-the-art hotels, make sure you make your bookings on time.

Jaipur is flooded with places to visit which will require you at least a day or two to thoroughly let the whole experience sink in rather than just scrolling along the sites. You could best experience the tour by booking a taxi for the whole day and spend as much time as you like on every site as opposed to going along with the timing of the tour guide when you travel on tour buses. You will find many eatery outlets, restaurants and stalls along the way of your tour where you can stop for a taste of Rajasthani cuisine. You will also find long lines of ice cream carts outside the places of tourist attractions during summers selling ice-creams and especially the local ‘kulfi’ ice cream which is a refreshing delight on a hot summer’s afternoon.

Jaipur is well connected by air, rail and road. It has a fully functioning busy international airport, railway station and buses and Volvo’s running continuously up and down neighbouring cities, mainly New Delhi. You  could also hire a cab directly from the Delhi airport if you land there and make your way towards Jaipur directly to save time. The airport is busy and situated a little far from the city so the best way to get your flight booking done will be through online booking.

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