Is Your Lifestyle Distressing Your Oral Health?

Lifestyle is a personal decision. It’s your decision to decide whether to smoke, drink alcohol, or consume more sugar. It’s also your personal decision to decide whether to rinse, brush or floss your teeth. Whatever lifestyle you choose to abide by, you should always make sure it isn’t negatively affecting your health. You shouldn’t smoke, take excess sugar or drink alcohol if you aren’t ready to maintain quality oral hygiene to minimize the side effects. Let’s discuss how your lifestyle is hurting your oral health and when you should visit a dental clinic.

Lifestyle Distressing Your Oral Health

Use of Tobacco

A recently done study confirmed that 38.5% of gum diseases are triggered by the use of tobacco. Severe gum disease usually results in systemic health disorders, tooth loss, and pain. Tobacco usually worsens dry mouth problems which if not taken care of at the early stages can lead to tooth decay. Tobacco use as welldulls your smell and taste as well as stains your teeth. This ends up leading to bad breath


Not all medications prove good to your dental health. Drugs like antibiotics are known to trigger internal teeth staining like Tetracycline staining.  In other words, the majority of the over-the-counter medications are known to have serious side effects on your oral health. For instance, some medications are known to dry up your saliva and as you know a dry mouth is usually susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. In case you discover that the medication you have been taking has posed serious health issues on your dental health, you should take your time to visit the best dental clinic in Sydney.

Poor Sleeping Habits

It’s hard to correlate the relationship between bad sleeping habits and poor dental hygiene. How can my sleeping habits affect the health of my teeth and gums? Medical studies have proven that not getting enough sleep can cause apnea a condition that’s known to cause tooth grinding, tooth loss, and dry mouth.  Also not getting enough sleep affects the immune system which makes it hard for it to resist oral related diseases and conditions.

Poor Dieting

Taking wrong diets that don’t add value to your dental health on a regular basis can have serious problems with your health.  For instance, taking high amounts of sugar on a regular basis can trigger the decay of your teeth. As well as taking foods that don’t improve the immune system can seriously affect the ability of your body to resist diseases related to dental health. Always take time to visit a good dental clinic like Dental One when you discover early signs of dental problems.


Finding and selecting the right dental clinic in Sydney needs you to check out various important pointers. You don’t want a situation where you will land on the wrong clinic that is isn’t equipped fully to deal with your kind of dental problems. You want a good clinic that has the right staff and equipment in place to handle all kinds of dental treatments. Make the right choice of a clinic and live to tell the wonderful stories thereafter.

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