Is The Testosterone Deca Durabolin Stack Safe?

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Deca Duroblin or commonly known as Decadura is an anabolic androgenic steroid. It is used by many bodybuilders and athletes for bulking of the muscles because of its bulking potential.

This is used for various other reasons along with bulking up of the muscles such as:

  • Increasing endurance limit
  • Enhancing the physique
  • Increase the bone density
  • Maintain a healthy appetite
  • Increase in the rate of production of red blood cells
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Rapid muscle building
  • Increase in protein synthesis
  • High rate of recovery of muscle

This steroid is considered relatively safe than other steroids but can still cause problems to the people suffering from blood pressure issues.

It has been found that this steroid is relatively safe after many reviews by its users but the question that is often asked is that the stacking of testosterone deca durabolin safe?

Testosterone Deca Durabolin

Deca durabolin is marked safe if taken in proper dosage and cycles, but combination with testosterone enanthate of other steroids can’t be considered safe and has to be marked for review. This has been an area of discussion amongst the people bodybuilding for quite a while that combining the dosage of testosterone enanthate and nandrolone decanonate for a period of time is safe or not. It has been found that the combination of these steroids could lead to formation of blood lipids and increase cholesterol levels. No clinical results support the safety of this combination but it has been marked safe by the users if taken in a proper dosage and for a proper timed cycle. One has to make sure that he doesn’t overuse the combination of these steroids otherwise it could be very harmful.

Constant checking of blood lipid levels in the body is suggested during the consumption of this combination of the steroids. This helps in keeping a healthy check on the blood lipid levels and cholesterol levels which could otherwise lead to adverse effects in the body. If the blood lipid levels in the body are relatively higher, it is prescribed that the number of weeks of the consumption of the stack should be reduced to half of the original. In most of the scenarios, the blood lipid levels reduce after the reduction of the number of weeks of consumption of the stack but in some cases where the lipid level is still higher than it is supposed to be, it is advised to completely avoid the consumption of the stack.

Regular consumption of the combination of testosterone and nandrolene can cause various other side effects to its user. Hindrance in the testosterone levels is although a common problem in anabolic steroids but it comes with another side effect of hair loss. Although nandrolene enhances the hair growth in the user, its combination with testosterone which is suspected to reduce the hair growth is considered as a side effect of these steroids.  Nandrolene affects the testosterone levels whereas testosterone effects the hair growth. Despite this side effect, a proper dosage of this combination is considered safe.

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