How to Delete Unwanted Item in Photo

You will find yourself often have to remove unwanted items in different photos in order to make them look more professional. For example, you want to remove the watermark or timestamp from the photo. With Movavi photo stamp remover, you can make the time stamp disappear from the photo as if it was not there at all. All you need to do is to pain the items with the red and click the Start Erasing button to watch it magically disappear from the photo. No one can tell that there is any distraction in the place before when they take a look at your photo.

The Object Removal tab which is the last second tab on the right is where you will find the tools for removing the unwanted items in the photo. The Object Removal tool  can help you to remove distractions from a clear landscape such as sky, and water. For example, if take a photo of a beach but your photo also shows a few people on the beach, you can use the Object Removal tool to pop out all the people so that the beach is displayed on its own.

Delete Unwanted Item in Photo

You will find that there are a few tools including lasso, clone stamp, eraser and paint brush. The paint brush tool provides the fastest method to remove any unwanted object. If you choose the paint brush tool, you must drag the green paint brush tool on the outline of the items that you want to keep safe. You are to outline the undesirable objects in the photo with red color. The lasso tool can help you with the selection of the objects to enable you to easily mark the unwanted objects and the objects that you want to restore. There is a size toggle that appear along with each tool. You can adjust the tool size based on your preference while working on removing the unwanted items in the photo.

The clone stamp tool allows you to replicate an area to replace the area with the unwanted item.  For example, if you have taken a picture of the blue sky but there was a seagull in the sky, you can use the clone stamp tool to replicate the blue sky to cover up the sea gull. The problem with clone stamp tool is that the result may not look professional if you are not skilled but you only need a few practices to learn this skill. If you choose the clone stamp tool, you must make sure that the new area blends in with the other similar area so that no one can recognize that you have edited the photo.

You can adjust the red selection area to make it a more precise selection. This allows you to create a cleaner result of the photo. For complicated photo, you may not get perfect result when attempting to remove some unwanted objects. In this case, you can keep retouching if the first attempt to remove the object is not successful.

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