How to Accessorise Your Dress with Pearl Ornaments

Dressing up actually requires no occasions. You can dress up just to please yourself or to look good for some occasion. The aim in both cases is to look good and this can only be achieved if the dress, makeup and accessories match perfectly.  It is, however, a fact that pearl adornments perfectly match with any and every dress, irrespective of whether is it traditional or modern, casual or formal.

Pearl Ornaments

In fact pearl ornaments have always found prominence as an adornment, right from the beginning of civilisation till date. Even though they have undergone a lot of changes with regards to design and the type and size of pearl selected, they are still considered an important accessory to wear.

The Different Pearl Ornaments in Vogue 

History is proof of the fact that pearl adornments have found favours with both men and women alike. Even if we find mostly women wearing them now, the diversity of pearl ornaments has only increased. Some of the famous ones areà

  • Pearl necklaces

 These strands of pearls have a way of drawing attention to your throat. In fact the name of the pearl necklace depends on its length. For example, if it is very close to your throat, it is called a pearl collar. These collars are perfect with evening gowns. Other names of pearl necklaces are pearl chokers, princess length, matinee length and opera length pearl necklaces. These necklaces might be of a single strand or comprise of a multiple strands, consisting of same sized pearls or pearls of different sizes giving rise to a lot of variety in the making of these necklaces.

Pearl Ornaments images

  • Pearl Earrings

Available in all sizes and lengths, these pearl earrings add character to your face. While studs make you look elegant and formal, chandelier earrings are for the carefree casual look. On the other hand the hoop earrings are for everyday wear and make you look pretty and nice. Ear threads are quite glamorous and can be worn with a number of clothes and dresses to get that semi-formal yet casual look.

  • Pearl pendants

 A small teardrop pearl pendant or an intricately designed pendant hanging down your throat has the ability to make you look elegantly gorgeous. These pendants can either be worn on a pearl necklace or on a gold or silver necklace depending on the choice of the user.

  • Pearl Bracelets

 Enhancing the beauty of the hands, these bracelets have the power to single-handedly carry off a dress. It makes for a style statement that does not draw your attention away from the dress and in fact rather enhances it.

Yet irrespective of what pearl ornament you wear, you can never go wrong with pearl jewellery. They are exclusive yet all-purpose and have an understated beauty which only adds to your total personality.

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