Guide on Changing Photo Background with Movavi Photo Editor

You can add a touch of creativity onto your photo by changing the background. Changing the background of the photo can trick people into thinking that the person or the main subject is actually in the place when the photo was shot. It can be useful if the photo is taken at a place that does not look good as a background. For example, if the original background of the family photo is some trees, you can replace it with a nicer background like the beach. You may have seen somewhere photos with background that don’t match and wonder how they do it. Changing the photo background is an easy photo editing task that can be carried out with a simple graphics software like Movavi Photo Editor.

First of all, you have to install the Movavi photo editor software and activate the license key. After that, you must launch the application and click on Add Media Files to locate the photos that you want to change the background. You can zoom in into the photo by moving the zoom in/out slider at the bottom to the left if the photo resolution is too large. Next, click Background Removal and choose the red brush tool to paint over the unwanted background.


You can paint one or more strokes with the red brush tool on the background to show that the background is the selection that you want to delete. The red brush tool is used in making selection of the object that you want to erase. You will find the green brush tool besides the red brush tool. The green brush tool is for marking the main subjects that you want to retain. You can adjust the size of the brush tool by moving it to the right if the area that you want to mark in red or green is large. There is no need to use a lasso tool to exactly select it. The software will exactly trace the outline of the main subjects you want to retain and cut out the background outside of the silhouette. Get more details at .

After you have finished highlighting them, you must press the eraser button and the background will be deleted. You can add a new background by dragging a new photo from your computer over it. Alternatively, you can click the Add Media Files button to open another photo and use it as background. If you prefer the photo to not have any background, you can save it as a photo without the background in GIF format.

The background removal tool can also be used to extract a clipart from a photo, for example, if there are some fruits on the table, you can mark the fruits in green and the table in red to create a fruits clipart. The save button called export is conveniently located at the lower right corner. Clicking the export button will bring up the save dialog box where you can choose the image format and the folder where you want the photo with the new background to be saved.

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