Genius Travel Tips to Save Money

Exploring new breathtaking places and areas inside and outside the country is always thrilling. Experts also say that experiencing new things and meeting new people make you healthier, smarter and creative too. But, most of the people take traveling as a stressful and expensive activity. It might be if you don’t have a proper plan at the place.

In order to make travel easier, better and less expensive, here we have compiled a comprehensive list of genius travel tips that can help you visit the dream destination without breaking the bank and reduce travel planning stress as well.

Genius Travel Tips to Save Money

Book Flights with Credit Card to Earn Travel Points and Cash Back

After deciding the destination, booking your air tickets is one of the challenging things as airfares keep shifting and you don’t have an idea when you can get a good deal to fly. Booking flights with credit cards is one of the best ways to save money while traveling as most of the credit cards come with rewards and cashback offers. Most of the traveling sites and apps also provide you with travel points when you pay via credit cards and those points can be used for further travel-related payments. You can also redeem those points or rewards for free travel.

Sign up for Flight Alerts

In this era of mobile technology, it is very easy to keep tabs on the prices of air tickets and special offers that can turn your dream of visiting the favorite place into reality. Sites like Kayak can provide you with great traveling deals directly into your inbox that can help you plan accordingly. A lot of mobile apps are available that can be installed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to keep an eye on flight rates, travel packages, and special deals by using your smartphone.

Know the Hidden Hotel Expenses

Hidden and unknown hotel expenses and fees can take a big part of your travel budget away from you. That is the reason, be sure to know all the hidden fees like tourism tax, local tax, internet charges, delivery services, TV and newspaper, etc. Right after entering to the hotel, ask the front desk manager to show all their fees and expenses before you book a room. Also, ask them for optional services to save traveling dollars for other things. If you know the hotel before leaving home for traveling, you can learn more about their service charges or fees by searching on Google.

Travel in the Off-season

No doubt, mid of the summer season is the best time to visit a tropical island, but planning to see the wonderful sights at the start or end of the summer will help you cut back on travel costs. Not only this, but you can also enjoy each and every moment at your dream destination as you are not surrounded by hundreds of tourists. Traveling off-season is the best way to save money and to enjoy every aspect of your vacations.

Research a new debit or credit card

Be sure to research and sign up for a right debit or credit card before you leave for the dream destination. Try to find a credit or debit card that doesn’t charge extra ATM fee, provides with better exchange rates and comes with lower interest rates. Also check if the credit card provider offers traveling points, rewards and cash backs as these can be used for various travel payments to save more.

Get an Unlocked Phone

When you buy a phone under contract or from a carrier, it is usually locked to the carrier and comes with a restriction that doesn’t allow you to use it with any other carrier. Taking an unlock the phone with you while traveling can help you save many of your traveling bucks in terms of lower call or data rates and not purchasing a new phone if you are abroad. So, before you leave, make sure your phone is not locked to a carrier. For this purpose, you can call your network provider to unlock your phone. They will do it for you either free or for a small unlocking fee.

Take Public Transportation

Private cabs or Ubers are inherently more expensive when you are in a state or country where the exchange rate doesn’t favor your national currency. That is the reason, always try to use public transport to reach the destination. If you are in a totally new place, public transport can help you prevent issues like longer routes taken by taxi drivers or overreaching, etc. It not only helps you save money but to meet locals and to understand their culture as well.

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