Exterior Paint Schemes for Commercial Buildings

Choosing exterior paint colors for commercial buildings is different from doing the same for residential buildings. Whereas bold colors may be suitable for a home, they may not work well for larger buildings in business districts.

Keep these considerations in mind when painting commercial buildings.

Commercial Buildings Tend to Be Larger

For large buildings, neutral colors tend to work better. The right neutrals will blend with the structure’s surroundings and more easily complement business logos or exterior signs. These elements can stand out against the overall color scheme.

However, if the building has historic status, you’ll only be able to choose colors approved by the governing body.

Commercial Buildings

The Exterior Material and Overall Architecture

Apart from color selection, consider the type of building architecture and exterior construction materials. For example, you wouldn’t paint a Victorian building with sedate hues unless necessary.

The exterior material can affect both the appearance of a paint color and the specific paint product. Wood will require different paint than concrete or stucco, but a professional painting company can recommend what’s best to use.

Building Surroundings

Another factor that you should consider is the building’s surroundings. Is it located on a small lot? Darker colors will keep the building from looking too large. Also consider whether the property has evergreen or seasonal landscaping, whether driveways and walkways are neutral, colors surrounding the buildings, and services the business offers.

You also need to adhere to the guidelines of the business or industrial park as you would with a historical building.

Ask Commercial Painters About as Much as You Can

If you want to get the best results from a commercial painting service, you should ask many questions of the commercial painter prior to getting started; is the company licensed and insured to protect your business and employees throughout the project?

Do they have any samples or references? How much will everything cost? Can the project be done within the promised time frame?

Asking these questions can help make sure you’ve chosen the right commercial painting company to complete the project.

Focusing on the Interior

Once you have chosen the exterior paint colors and the job has been completed, it’s time to consider the interior. This is the best order in which to do things, as depending on the size of the building and what services you provide, you may be required to halt operations throughout the process.

Choose a company that has proven itself outside before scheduling an interior paint job that may otherwise be a time-wasting mistake.

Make sure that you choose a commercial painting company that specializes in exterior and interior painting on commercial painting, with highly-skilled, reliable, and fully licensed and insured painting professionals who can give you the best results.

With the right commercial painters behind your company, you’ll be able to get the look you want for your business within the time you want the job completed, with minimal risks of mistakes or do-overs.

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