Everything That You Ever Wanted To Know About the Oral Steroid Anadrol

You might have known the anabolic androgenic steroid, Oxydrol in various names. For example, they are available as Oxymetholone, Anadrol, Oxydrol 50 or simply Drol! It is prepared in labs and gives that much needed extra-strength to the body. But should you not take some more time to learn how it works in your system?

What Is Anadrol?

Simply put, it is one of the most potent anabolic steroids that exist on the planet. And it gives minimal side effects to its users. This helps in the production of more blood cells. The blood cells, in turn, carry more fresh oxygen to the muscles. Consequently, it diminishes fatigue and helps immensely to gain muscles.

Oral Steroid Anadrol

How It Performs?

Your muscles start performing badly if the red blood cells do not carry enough oxygen around your body. As a result, your power output decreases. Your muscles ask for more oxygen. Hence weakness sets in, forcing you to stop working out. Anadrol works as the magic rocket fuel. Oral steroid cycle results in better RBC production. It also permits more oxygen to be carried to your muscles.

This, in turn, makes you more powerful and stronger. So you can work out for longer hours. This, in turn, helps you to gain muscles fast. Also, oxygen helps to improve damaged tissues and muscles recovery. So with Anadrol, you will always be ready and energetic for your next exercise regime.

How to Take Anadrol

First, have a peek on the right steps to take this steroid. It is particularly meant for strength athletes. Optimally, try not to stack it with other steroids. Take it alone for a 4-6 week cycle. If you really want to stack it, then make sure that you do it with professional guidance.

Next, it is important to learn about the constants with Anadrol use. You have to take it daily on the recommended dose. While the cycle is on, avoid high sodium meal-plans. Never take it on empty stomach. Rather, take Anadrol with foods.

If you are opting for a solo cycle, then take a 50mg tablet daily. This will continue for two weeks. Check your tolerance level after the second week. If it is delivering you with the desired goals, then stick to the 50mg a day routine. Otherwise, you can consider increasing to dosage to 100 mg per day. Continue it for another two weeks. During the fifth or the final week, reduce the dosage. Take no more than 25 mg Anadrol in the last few days. This will help you to cut short in the side effects. In order to fuel the natural testosterone activities in your body, follow a post-cycle therapy.

Can Women Take This Too?

The answer is, “NO”! Aandrol is never a safe choice for women. This is because; the oral steroid cycle results in the prominent development of male sex features, or virilization. This can lead to the development of facial hair and body hair. Women can end up getting acne, a deeper voice, and experience clitoral enlargement. Of course, ladies, you have some safe choices with steroids. Do consult an expert before choosing any of them!

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