Essential Tips to Ensure the Perfect Basement Finish

The basement is the lowest room in your house and one that is often overlooked.  It may be used as a store room, hobby room or even a place to send the kids and keep them from getting under your feet.  However, one of the things it is often not considered to be is a beautiful additional living space.

However, it has all the qualities needed to become a valuable extra space in your home; it is large enough to be turned into a games room or even several different rooms.  It is also an incredibly flexible space, you can easily erect stud walls and create a number of different spaces which can really add value to your home as well as improve your quality of life.

However, if you intend to upgrade your basement, it is essential to use these basement finishing techniques; they will ensure the end result is first class!

Perfect Basement Finish


The basement usually has a limited amount of airflow, due to its location in the house.  This can mean that one end is much warmer than the other.  Before undertaking your basement finishing exercise it is advisable to run ducting along the ceiling and add a duct fan.  This will enable you to move air around the basement; ideally from the furnace end to the other.

Electrics and Plumbing

To ensure your basement finishing is perfect you should run your pipes and electric cables first, before you add your stud wall.  This will ensure all pipe work is protected by the wall and the end result is a perfect finish; no unsightly cables or pipes around.  Of course, this does require some planning to ensure all the necessary bits are in place before you close the walls up.

Sagging Joists

It is advisable to check all the joists on the ceiling of the basement; they will have taken some wear and tear over the years of people walking around upstairs.  It is best to locate any which are starting to sag and plane them now.  This will help to prevent any lumps and bumps in your ceiling and help to, give the perfect basement finishing look.

Under floor Heating

This can be a great asset to your basement; not only will you avoid the unsightly radiators on the walls you will be able to effectively heat the entire basement.  An added bonus of this is that heat rises and keeping the basement warm will help to heat the rest of the house.  It is advisable to keep the floor covering to a minimum once you have applied this type of heating; carpets which are too thick will simply restrict the heat.

Levelling then Floor

To ensure your basement finishing is perfect you need to emphasize the preparation.  In the case of the floor this means levelling it before the carpet goes down.  This can be done via self levelling cement; making a difference to any type of flooring put over it.  As with all tasks, preparation is the key to a perfect finish.

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