Different Usage and Application of Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted wire mesh can be utilized for several purposes both inside and outside of the house. The use of knitted wire mesh has been used to screen doors, room dividers, screens, plumbing, and even fencing. If you’re searching to spruce up your house to add an overall physical appeal of your home, wire knitting may be a good option.

Knowing the different processes of wire mesh enables you to be more creative when upgrading the look of your home or farm. Below are the common types of wire mesh and its usage:

Welded Wire Mesh

This type of knitted wire is highly recommended for heavy-duty jobs around the house. It includes fencing and wired barriers to create a maximum level of security. The cables in this knitted mesh have been welded; that’s why it is called “welded.” It firmly creates a sturdier and stronger connection if welded together.

Welded knitted wire mesh can also be used with wood paneling to create a more decorative and fashionable design for the backyard. If you have kids, you may paint the wood paneling with different colors like animals, natures, or flowers. Doing this can provide a decorative design that will create an excellent physical appeal for the exterior appearance of your home and can add uniqueness compared to the other homes in the neighborhood.

Knitted Wire Mesh

Knitted Wire Mesh

Compared with welded and woven wire mesh, knitted wire mesh is a bit softer. It is usually used to create pig pens, chicken coops, and some areas in your garden or home yards. The objective of knitted wire mesh is to secure livestock by preventing them from getting away from their sanctuary. But because of its uniqueness, it can also be used to build chain link fences.

Knitted wire mesh can be used for the simplest and yet the most creative decoration to put around the house. You can create picture designs to place on your walls or perhaps you can create a unique welcome mat to put in front or back door. You can be creative with this type of wire mesh. Others also use this to create different products such as crowns, earrings, accessories, home decoration, etc.

Woven Wire Mesh

Several small openings within the woven wire mesh are commonly referred to as wire cloth. This type of wire mesh is often used for screen doors and windows. The wire cloth is created to enable the air to flow in the house while keeping the other insects away. It’s sometimes secured in a metal frame with a small rubber lining.

This mesh wire can also be used to build an enclosed porch screen. Moreover, this wire can be colored via spray paint to match the color of your house. But if you love art, you may also use an airbrush to create different designs on the wire-like landscape of your community or the silhouette of your house.

Generally speaking, there are lots of creative ideas you can use for this kind of wire. Your imagination will be your limit. So grab some wire mesh at the hardware and be creative! You’ll never know, you may able to create your masterpiece.

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