Clenbuterol Effects: Does it Magically Melt Away Fat or Not?

Clenbuterol works on the Central nervous System to slightly increase the body’s internal temperature which increases the metabolism rate and hence results in maximum fat burn. Clen stimulates beta-2 receptors which are the ones that interact with fat cells. And upon stimulating them, cells begin the lipolysis process which is to free the fatty acids and release them in the bloodstream. This results in eliminating triglycerides which cause the increase in size of cells that store fats. That is the reason for tremendous fat burns seen.

Clen for Weight loss

Clen is mainly used by people who are aiming for less fat and more muscle. Compared to animals human beings have less receptors which are stimulated by Clen. When a person first takes it, it will work efficiently. That is why one can see the stimulating effects very soon.

It’s unique ability to preserve and increase the lean mass in the body that makes it the favorite among body builders. Click on this link to know more. When it comes to improving muscle mass, many users have benefited by Clen. But for some it may not work.

Clenbuterol Effects

Does clen magically vanish your fat away?

No, it doesn’t it is a pill that has to be taken in accordance with a perfect diet, exercise and dosage of clen.

It will neither give the body displayed on the websites or which the celebrities possess. The goals of the person should be realistic. It is a good weight loss manager and people really have an extremely toned body have worked very hard on it for a very long time and used a lot other diet supplements as well as workout methods. Hence it is better to get a reality check before embarking on the clen journey.

The dosage level may vary from person to person, their genetic make up and their how much fat composition in the body, men and women also have different levels of dosage levels. For women even a small dosage works wonders.

It has also known fact that prolonged usage will reduce its effectiveness, hence it is advisable to take a break in between cycles to bring the body to its normal functioning and reducing the dependency of the drug, this way the impact of the body from continuous usage is reduced and also the resistance or tolerance of the body towards clen will not set in. Hence the clen cycle is two days in two days out or two weeks in two weeks out kind.

When you are comfortable with the dose, that would be 3-4 days after the clen cycle begins, you could gradually increase by 20mcg per day.

It has been observed that women respond quickly to clen and they should be careful about their dosage rituals. It is mandatory for all users to monitor themselves while using clen.

The maximum amount of clen dosage that men can be up to 140mcg per day and if women touch 100mcg it would be enough to give the necessary results.

Overdose causes the following

It really causes palpitations of heart, irregular heartbeat, may cause stroke and other heart related complications.

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