Clenbuterol Dosages To Lose Weight At Lightening Speed

Clenbuterol is the most effective diet pill around that gives you extremely satisfying results in just a short span of time. It is a hit among bodybuilders, athletes and celebrities. They swear by the capabilities of this miraculous pill and that is a good reason to believe how powerful it must be. The dosage varies according to the kind of results you are looking for but a  maximum between 120 and 160 mcg daily is perfect to obtain the results you are looking for. The effects of this pill are immediate and hence, you must follow a proper dosage daily to minimize negative effects.

Preparing Your Body For Steroid Usage

Dosage for beginners

To improve your metabolic function, as little as 40mcg works very well for men while 20mcg is enough for women. It is always better to start with a low dose and steadily increase it up to the maximum limit for best result. Starting out heavy with  maximum between 120 and 160 mcg daily might not be very fruitful and might end up having negative effects. Start low and increase as your body adjusts to this new pill.

Increase in dosage

The increase in dosage of Clenbuterol has to happen eventually and it is better to consume this pill in cycles for optimum results. The body adjusts with this Beta-2 stimulator quickly and just one dose of this amazing pill will have its effect on your metabolism for about five to six weeks! The best way to increase the dosage of Clenbuterol is to elevate it by 20 mcg once every 14-21 days. This will produce the best results and you will achieve your goals of fat loss faster than you can imagine. Some dietary supplements when combined with Clenbuterol give even better results. These include testosterone-boosting supplements and some others like green tea extracts and caffeine.

 Maximum Dosage

It is not advisable to use Clenbuterol continuously so not only does the dosage has a cap limit but also the time frame. Crossing the maximum dosage can have serious side effects and this should be avoided at all costs. Only when you start on a low dose and gradually increase it, will you know how it truly affects your body. Starting at higher doses is always harmful so avoid doing that altogether. Everybody is different and will react to increase in dosages differently. If the increase in dosage is causing you problems, go back to the lower dose immediately. Everyone’s tolerance level to this will be different and so, every individual needs to set their own limits. Continuous usage of this pill can cause harm to your cardiac system. Hence, it should always be taken in cycles. Men are not supposed to take more than 140 mcg per day and for women this limit is set at 120 mcg. Also, Clenbuterol is not supposed to be taken for more than 14-21 days and in a year this limit is set at 16 weeks in all.

Enjoy the benefits of this wonderful drug but do pay attention to all the dosage points mentioned here to avoid side effects and dangers. As long as you are in limit, you will see only benefits!

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