Catch a Luxury Train Ride through Ireland


Imagine if you could explore the entire island of the Emerald Isles in less than a week, anything from just two nights to six days and nights. Some of you will only have a week’s vacation time available, so this often-ignored travel experience will be ideal for you. But you should act quickly because, unbeknownst to you, traveling by luxury train is a luxury that is also a growing trend among discerning travelers.

Crossing borders by rail

Talk to your Ireland tours agent about putting together a convenient package in which you can traverse the entire island purely by rail. One unique feature of this travel option is that you will be crossing borders from the Republic of Ireland into the United Kingdom. This means you can travel from the Irish Republic’s capital, Dublin, right through to the historically-troubled city, Belfast, still under British rule.

Luxury Train Ride

While still in Dublin, this is what you can expect to see and experience from your luxury coach. Beginning from the vantage seat of your compartment itself, you can indulge yourself in the country’s national beverage treasures of its finest whiskeys and dark, rich malts. You also get your share of five-star cuisine. While dining, you can sample Dublin’s finest architectural landmarks which resonate deeply with Ireland’s unique culture and ancient history.

Over in Belfast, you will most certainly be given an opportunity to experience the conflict between north and south and Protestant and Catholic. But such confrontations have a long history stretching over hundreds of years.

Explore everything Irish by train

So, as a first-time tourist to Ireland, it makes sense to explore as many of the landmarks and landscapes of the Emerald Isle as possible, reflecting upon the nation’s strife-torn history. Bear in mind, also, that your explorations by luxury train will not just be somber reflections. Here’s a quick overview of some of the popular sights you will encounter by train.

In essence, the luxury train ride is always going to take you past the country’s breathtaking country beacons and coastlines during the course of your city to city visits. Mixing urban and rural landscapes, you will be enriching your travel experience by exploring the country’s ancient legends and contemporaneously indulging in each region’s unique cultural vibes.

Speaking of culture, you and your travel companion will never be at a loss for words or all at sea. Traveling by luxury coach means that you’ll always be rubbing shoulders with like-minded tourists with the added benefit of taking advantage of the generous spirit of regional locals on and off the train. Be warned, though, on some train tours, you’ll be expected to take part and fully immerse yourself in Irish culture as though you were an Irishman or class yourself.

Finally, while exploring grand national parks and submitting yourself to the country mores of Galway; don’t leave the island without trying your Irish luck at the Blarney Stone.

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