Can You Learn Dutch from TV?

In this century, multilingualism is like a norm. It’s determined that over half the world’s people are at least bilingual and this number is increasing. So where do you belong into this dynamic world? Do you observe yourself as a member of a vibrant society of world residents, or stuck on a shrinking monolingual land? The question should be: why not learn a new language?

If you’re at all interested in the world beyond your day-to-day cycle, speaking and learning Dutch can improve your life by developing possibilities for career, travel, friendship, living, experience, and passion. The more languages you know, the bigger your life becomes.

And there is no reason to be depressed or to tell yourself you don’t have the ability for it. The idea that only kids can become bilingual is a myth. You can learn to speak a new language no matter your cultural experience or age, as we know that age is only a number, maybe you’ll never be missed for a native speaker, but you are to communicate, and that is what languages are for. Speaking a language is about the association, not perfection.

Learn Dutch from TV

Learning Dutch

A language is further than a group of words and practices for how to put those words collectively; it is another experience. Speaking Dutch provides you a way to the society of over 23 million native speakers, mainly in the Netherlands, but the Dutch language is also used in Suriname and Belgium. Dutch is recognized as one of the simplest languages for a native English speaker to learn. It is arguably English’s closest relative, although North Germanic languages like Norwegian and Danish present strong claims. For this reason, Dutch to English translation task is also in trend and very productive for businesses.

Because Dutch and English only cut from common origins in the first century AD, the languages still have a lot in common. Dutch grammar follows rules that are fairly between English and German, but it gives thousands of cognates with English words that appear the same and have the same definitions. Both languages have also used lots of vocabulary from the Romance languages.

Read this sentence in Dutch: Wat is jouw naam? Add a letter here and subtract a letter there, and a quite recognizable English sentence appears: What is your name? Not only is Dutch comparatively easy to pick up, understand, learn and start speaking, speaking it provides you a huge head-start to learning the other Germanic languages and even offers insight into how English works.

If you plan on visiting a Dutch-speaking nation shortly, you may need to learn Dutch to assist you to communicate on your tour. With patience and hard work, you will be able to learn the Dutch language without any aid of Dutch to English translation service.

Improving your Dutch through TV is not only loads of fun, but it’s also a practical and useful way to learn new vocabulary.

TV Programs for Advanced Learners

  • Zondag met Lubach: A comic view on the news and Dutch society.
  • 3Doc: Short stories on different topics such as music, politics, human interest.
  • Mocro of Kaaskop: A Moroccan Dutchie digs deep to find out who he is, Dutch or Moroccan. Or something in between?
  • De Wereld Draait Door: A talk TV show about news issues, with different guests.
  • A’dam en E.V.A: Entertaining and sensible drama series about a boy and a girl falling in love in spite of life.

TV Programs for Intermediate Learners

  • Baby Te Huur: Reality TV show for modern couples’ experience what it means to be a father and a mother when they take care of a baby for a few days.
  • Metropolis: An entertaining program that interviews people from all over the globe on topics like love, food, sexuality, and family.
  • Buitendienst: An exciting show for older kids on the functioning of nature.
  • Ik Vertrek: Reality TV Dutch show where families leave behind everything to begin a new life somewhere else. But before they get their assumed comfort and happiness, several things go crazy.
  • Keuringsdienst van Waarde: Anchors try to explain the reality behind the food industry’s smart marketing to find what our food is made of. Entertaining and interesting.

TV programs for Beginners

  • Studio Snugger: Everyday things described to kids, who then have to choose whether it is right or wrong.
  • NOS Jeugdjournaal: The world news in comfortable and child-friendly language
  • Sesamstraat: Dutch version of a favorite American show.
  • Buurman & Buurman: A stop-motion show about two clever friends messing things up.
  • Knofje: Superbly designed and styled show about a little girl and her family, seen through the eyes of a 4-year-old.

These TV Programs are perfect for anyone that would like to learn Dutch that is looking to develop their dictionary, while also experimenting some quality TV.

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