Cake On-The-Go For The Birthday Party

Balloons? Check. Banners and golden foil letters? Check and check. Spiral candles and number candles to signify the celebrator’s another year of life? Got them. Now the last thing that’s missing? The cake; the most important of all. Now in this kind of scenario, where can one find birthday cakes in times of emergencies? The answer is in the link that we shall explore and dive into as we go further in this article.

In the website, different kinds of cakes and birthday party accessories are available such as candles, cupcake cases, baking tools, cutters and plungers, and even fondant and cake mix. This website is also very user-friendly since it gets to consider customers that have allergies. There are allergy buttons found added onto every kit to help a customer identify which kind of cake kits are suitable for you. There are two types of cake kits: one is where there are no gluten, soy or dairy, and nuts in the list of ingredients used. This kind of cake kit is the gluten free cake mix option. On the other hand, the other cake kit offered by this website contains the ingredients wheaten products, dairy, and it may also contain a few traces of nuts. This is, of course, the cake kits that contain ingredients that may cause and trigger allergies of some people which is why they also offer to discuss allergy friendly solutions for customers. Customers are also able to use their own cake mix.

Cake On-The-Go For The Birthday Party

So, what kinds of birthday cakes are even available at this website? There are different themed cakes most especially for the young ones such as rainbows and unicorns, princesses and fairies, pirates, cars and trucks, animals and bugs, superheroes, disco and music, enchanted garden, under the sea or beach, dinosaurs and dragons, circus, farm, movies, sport and dancing, science and space, and spa and sleep over themed cakes. Overwhelmed with the list that seemed to just go on and on? This just goes to show how the website do ensure customers of the wide choices that they can make in times of a cake emergency.

Got questions to ask? The has got the answers for you. Based on their frequently asked questions section, a few of the questions asked by their customers are the following, all followed by the answers: First question was the number of servings that can be done in a single cake. For this, there can be around 20-25 slices per cake. Next inquiry is one of the few important questions which is the shelf life of the kits. As said on the answer from the site, the kit is recommended to be used within 5 weeks of the shipping date. There are a lot more other questions with simple and direct to the point answers which is why you should visit the website now.

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