Best Full-Time Jobs for High School Graduates


There is a lot of circumstance which can me it hard and sometimes impossible for some students to gain education beyond a high school degree. Sometimes, it would be a great amount of pressure to go to university and get a four year degree; it’s just not their thing.

We all know that higher education will certainly lead to higher salary rates, but this doesn’t mean that high school graduates would never be able to occupy a good paying full-time job. There is a variety of job option which can fit nearly everyone’s schedules, locations and their followed passion. High school graduates are kind of lucky, why? Because they can work something which they actually like and interested in, and turn it into their career, which pays good amounts of money besides working in a field which they love!

Is there a chance to find field good full-time jobs which actually pays good?

Here are the top 5 good paying full-time field job for High school graduates:

  1. Flight Attendant.

Being a flight attendant is a great job to be occupied. Your role as a flight attendant is to give safety demonstrations in the air, make sure that passengers are needs are satisfied and you will also serve drinks and food to passengers. College degree is not required if you want to be a flight attendant , the airlines will only provide a simple training in case you had to deal with nervous passengers and any other inconvenient incidents . Flight attendants are a great job to enroll if you’re an adventurous person who loves to fly all over the world and get paid as well.

  • If you are passionate about traveling and explore new cultures, then working as a flight is a great choice which perfectly fits your requirements and interests.
  • Searching for a flight attendant job is easy; you can either surf through airlines official websites or huge online job websites like or apply online.

Craftsperson would only require a talent in using your hands. If you are a kind of person who actually likes using your hands, you can use this as your career which can be your long career path. Some fields would require apprentices to learn a specific skill such as metalwork, sewing, furniture making or woodwork. Concentrate on mastering a specific expertise, if you excel in different fields, you can either work as an employee in an existing company or you can get lucky enough and make your own business.

  • We have witnessed a lot of success stories to people who started as a workshop boy and eventually opened their own business. Turn your talent into your career path which might be a great successful business one day.
  • You can start as an employer in any company or any workshop, gain good experience and then soar on your own.
  1. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

EMTs job role is really close to police and firefighters. It’s even a great collaboration circle between police, EMTs and Firefighters. EMTs are responsible for assisting with difficult extractions on the scene of motor vehicle collisions. They need to be fast and aware of the patient’s status, because as soon as they get to the hospital they will be the ones interacting directly with nurses and medical physicians, and accurately transfer patient’s care. You will not need a higher educational degree than a high school degree, the only extra thing you’ll learn is life-saving skills , which comes into many levels starting as a basic EMT all the way up to become a Paramedic. It all depends on your efficiency.

  • EMTs are paid good average rates. It all depends on the amount of hours you work and of course on your efficiency and progress.
  • You can apply online if you’re interested in working as an Emergency Medical Technician. You can easily log into their official website as well as reaching through visiting online job websites like which submits up-to-date job vacancies on daily basis.
  1. Cook/Chef.

Chefs simply turn food into masterpieces. Being a chef doesn’t require college degree, but some restaurants might require some culinary school certificate, other restaurants wouldn’t even require you entering any kind of culinary schools. Some worldwide chef’s success stories started by them only cutting potatoes and washing dishes, after they have proved their cooking talents they reached the top and some of them has their own huge restaurants. Being a great chef needs patience and extensive cooking practices. Primitive chefs would start by working long hours, but gaining valuable skills in return. Cooks are always in demand, food industry is huge field.

  • If you’re passionate about cooking, then being a chef is your definite suitable field.
  • Turn your passion into a great career by checking famous online job opportunities portals like and apply for the job which best suits your requirements and qualifications.


  1. Makeup artists.

Makeup artists are walking talents. Being a makeup artist is kind of same as a cosmetologist, their job role is extraordinary. They do different kinds of makeup, theatrical makeup, movies makeup, and wedding makeup and all the way up to red carpet make up for celebrities. Being a makeup artist doesn’t require a college degree of course, but it requires a combination of taste and charm. You’ll need to already have the basics are a talent, and some other skills must be practiced in order to reach a high level or proficiency. Their role is similar to painters but makeup artists do their magic on human’s faces!

  • Most makeup artists starts their career by being basic assistants , after gaining great experience and skills which gives them the ability to make wonders then they are ready to be exposed.
  • Make artists are in high demand in most fields. If you’re a skilled makeup artist, you can look for an opportunity which suits your timings and requirements by searching through huge online job website like



Being a high school graduate is not considered the end of the world. There are a lot of field full-time jobs which can be easily occupied by high school graduates; the jobs mentioned above are jobs which can actually pay you high salary rates, a variety of jobs are available for entry level graduates. If you’re planning for getting your college degree in future, make sure you gain a related experience which can already be an extra boost for your future career path. If you didn’t have the chance to continue your educational path in the future run, make sure you master a field you actually prefer, the best motivational drive for such careers are passion!

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